Home no. 5 dominates the village both by its position and architectural design. The estate consists of a main 3-story house (110 m2), an ex farmhouse called the “Magazine” (35 m2) and a big Mediterranean garden (approx. 500 m2). All of them offer a stunning view of the sea. Detached from the estate but very close to it lies a special terrace (called the “Guvno”), traditionally used for drying and grinding wheat, now used by the guests to relax and enjoy the view, especially at sunset. Both the main house and the Magazine were built centuries ago, but have now been beautifully refurbished in a modern style while maintaining the original architecture. They abound with elegant features and numerous design details providing a specific charm and creating a comfortable and homely atmosphere.
The main house consists of two separate accommodation units. The first accommodation unit consists of: the first floor, with a modern kitchen and dinning area, a small toilet, fireplace and a terrace with a sea-view; the second floor, with a living room built as a gallery; and the third floor with a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom.
The second accommodation unit is located at the ground floor of the main house, and consists of a bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a small living room, and a terrace that opens a path to the garden. Although a part of the main house, this accommodation unit is not connected to the rest of the house by an internal staircase, but only by an external one.
The Magazine is the third accommodation unit. It consists of a living room with a fireplace, an en-suite bathroom at the ground floor, a bedroom at the first floor (built as a gallery), and a sea-view terrace.
Therefore, the estate consists of 3 independent accommodation units (each suitable for accommodating 2 people), which can be rented jointly or separately.
The guests renting any of the above accommodation units have the possibility to use the laundry that is located nearby.
In addition, the guests who rent all three accommodation units also have the possibility to use the “Small Spaces Kitchen” with a dining room, as well as a covered outdoor lounge with a dining terrace, a toilet, an outside shower and a garden located near the lounge and the dining terrace. All this is located only a couple of steps away from the main house.