The village of Vidovići was founded several centuries ago. It consists of old stone houses grouped together and leaning against each other, as if protecting themselves from the bora wind.
The inhabitants used to work on the land, and there was an abundance of corn, wheat, grapes and fig tree, mostly due to the hard work on distant fields.
The people were well organized, with a strong sense of solidarity, and it was customary that each house would bake the bread for the whole village when its turn came.
As the crops deteriorated due to crop illnesses, and as the economic crisis developed between the two world wars, most of the people left their homes and went to the United States. As the consequence, the village was almost deserted.
House no. 5 was originally built for a single family. Due to family partitions, the house was divided from the inside to make home for two families. Each family entrance had its own house number (numbers 4 i 5).
My buying the house happened in stages. I first bought number 4, and then, several years later, number 5. During the refurbishment works, the inner walls dividing the house in two were removed. As a result, the house became a single unit again after almost a hundred years.