Two automobile routes lead to the islands of Cres and Lošinj. One is through the Istrian peninsula, and the other is via the island of Krk. The route through Istria goes to Brestova ferry terminal. The ride takes about 20 minutes. The route via the island of Krk involves a passage over a bridge from the mainland to the island of Krk. At the island of Krk there is Valbiska ferry terminal.The ride takes about 25 minutes.


Sveti Jakov is located on the main road (D-100) leading to Mali Lošinj. The exit for Sveti Jakov is clearly indicated on the road signs.
To Vidovići: Driving along the main road to Mali Lošinj (D-100), at Hrasta take a right turn to Martinšćica. Once in Martinšćica, follow the road signs for the Slatina auto camp. From that road, take a right turn at the sign for Vidovići, and a narrow local road, about 2 km long, will take you up the hill to Vidovići.


Go to Osor, the “eternal city” founded several thousand years ago, the place where Cres and Lošinj touch. There is a beautiful 15th century cathedral, with a façade made of shining white stone, hosting a classical music festival every summer (“Osor Music Evenings”)

At Mali Lošinj, visit the Museum of Apoxyomenos, a unique and praised architectural piece that celebrates one of the world's most beautiful ancient Hellenistic sculptures by combining all senses and impressions.

Visit the Fragrant Island Garden and enjoy the scents of island herbs. You can taste and buy wonderful island herbal products, various liqueurs, scented candles, cosmetic products, various kinds of tea, etc. (enquiries: +385 98 326 519).  

Providenca observation point is located above the town of Mali Lošinj. It features an educational 300 metres long footpath called Apsyrtides, and offers an unforgettable view of the Lošinj archipelago. You can also enjoy the local delis and have a drink, while watching the sunset.

Take an airplane sightseeing tour from the local airport of Ćunski. The tour provides spectacular views of the islands of Lošinj, Susak, Unije and Srakane. (enquiries: +385 98 368361).

Take a day trip to the island of Susak, a sand island off the south coast of Lošinj. There is a large shallow lacuna where the sea gets hot at noon. 

Take a day trip to the island of Ilovik, the “island of flowers”. There is a regular boat line to Ilovik from the southernmost point of Lošinj, taking only 10 minutes.

Take a day trip to the island of Unije, the “island of architecture”. The island owes this nickname to the fine display of authentic residential architecture typical for the islands of Cres and Lošinj. This is why this island is popular amongst architects. Have a swim in the pristine turquoise-blue see in the Unije bay.

Adopt a dolphin at the Blue World Institute at Veli Lošinj. There is a dolphin protection area off Veli Losinj, the first of the kind in the Mediterranean.

Take a pleasant trekking tour to the Mount Osoršćica (peak – Televrin, 588 meters above the sea), and enjoy a spectacular view of the entire Lošinj archipelago, the Istrian peninsula, as well as the Mount Velebit and beyond. Along the way, visit the deserted village of Tržič, or the cave where St. Gaudentious used to withdraw for meditation. In 1887, Crown Prince Rudolph Habsburg climbed the mountain.

Take a walk along the ancient pathways (approx.1,5 km) from Vidovići to Lubenice or Grmov.

Visit the town of Lubenice, a pearl of rural architecture, which is included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage. According to legend, the town was set up by Roman deserters. The village is set up on a high cliff above the sea. Today, it hosts a summer classical music festival called “Lubenice Music Evenings”.

Take a trip to Beli, a small village located at the north-eastern part of the Cres island, and walk the 12-km eco-path, marking some of the typical natural and historic features of the island. Beli hosts an eco-centre dedicated to the preservation of whitehead vultures and the first zip line across the sea ever set up at the Croatian islands. Booking is recommended at: (+385 95 812 3828)

The island of Cres is famous for its secluded little bays and beautiful pebble beaches, notably those below the town of Lubenice. The town of Orlec boasts a beautiful bay called Mali Bok, with a pebble beach and crystal-clear sea. You can also have a swim at one of the long white pebble beaches in Martinšćica.

The city of Cres is located at the heart of a wonderful deep bay, surrounded with olive yards. At the Renaissance times, this ancient city was an important commercial and cultural point. Its statute, known as the “Statute of Cres”, is one of the oldest laws at the eastern coast of the Adriatic. It is the birthplace of Frane Petrić, the famous Renaissance philosopher. In the summer, the city of Cres hosts the CresCendo Jazz Festival

Take a half-day boat trip from Martinšćica to the stunning Blue Cave. Rent a boat from Robi (enquiries:+385 989652438).

To enjoy some sailing across the Bay of Cres, contact great skippers at Cres (enquiries:+385 995103762)

Rent a sailing yacht at ACI Marina Cres, and enjoy the beauties of the Cres Bay and the nearby islands.

For scuba-diving fans

Visit the Kučić family's "Oil House" in Martinšćica, famous for its traditional essence oils, olive oil and home-made food products (enquiries: +385 98 259441).

Make a day trip to Rijeka (speedboat line:, the Europian Capital of Culture 2020 A town with a long and turbulent history (used to be held by the Romans, the Francs, the local dukes, the Hungarians, the French, the Italians). Once was divided between two countries (Italy and Kingdom of Jugoslavia). The birthplace of torpedo. Once home to the first sugar factory in the Balkans. Croatia’s largest commercial port.


"Castello"in Martinšćica, located in historical castle. Serve delicious mediterranean cuisine. (Phone: +385 912112113)

“Koralj” in Martinšćica, right by the sea. They serve fish and meat dishes made by traditional recipes. Booking is not available. But it is definitely worth a visit. (Phone: +385 98 9404 326)

Konoba „Mare“ is located in the old centre of Osor, serves freshly and meticulously prepared home-made Croatian dishes. (Phone: +385 51 677 364)

„Adria“ located in Osor. Serves Mediterranean food. (Phone: +385 51 237 151)

“Ridimutak Beach Bar“ is located near Nerezine. Serves fast Mediterranean food; great choice of music.(Phone: +385 989521752)

„El Passo“ Grill & Bar, rustically set up and located near the airfield at Ćunski, offers fantastic grilled food.

“Bora Bar” - located in Rovenska, a charming small fishermen village near Veli Lošinj. The restaurant is run by an Italian chef who decided to move to Lošinj and share his culinary imagination with the local guests. (Phone: +385 51 867 544;

“Baracuda”, located in the port of Mali Lošinj, serving delicious quality seafood. (Phone: +385 51 233 309)

„Bocca Vera“, located at the quayside in Mali Lošinj, offers a vast variety of dishes. (Phone: +385 51238511)

“Cigale”, located amongst the pine trees at the coast of Čikat bay, one of the most beautiful parts of Mali Lošinj, serves mainly quality seafood

„Konoba Bukaleta“ in the town of Loznati is famous for its Cres lamb dishes, local sheep cheese and home-made olive oil. (Phone: +385 51 571 606; +385 99 481 120)

„Vina Miramar Pub & Bar“, located at the quayside in the city of Cres, serves a variety of Croatian cheese, prosciutto and excellent wines (Phone: +385 98 706 832)

„Al Buon Gusto“, the oldest osteria, is located in the secluded, winding streets of the city of Cres. (Phone: +385 51 498 712)

„BBQ Tavern“ in the city of Cres, serves grilled meat. (Phone: +385 51 571 676)